Partnerships and solidary projects
Partnerships and solidary projects

The Mohammed VI Foundation for Research and Protection of the argan tree According to Ms Katim Alaoui, director of the foundation each year Morocco loses 600 hectares of argan tree.

Founded in May 2004 and chaired by André Azoulay, the Foundation's objectives are:
- the legal protection of the exploitation of argan’s forest
- the development and protection of natural balances
- improving the standard of living of local population in the argan forests.
- To ensure the quality of products derived from the argan tree
By creating a partnership with the Foundation, we help the objectives of the Foundation, at our level, by raising awareness among tourists.
Our activity helps to promote financial returns on the population of the argan tree.
Prices of tea and meals taken with local families, included in the cost of the trip, is fully paid back to our hosts.

Solidary projects

We are working with :
- 2 argan oil cooperatives
- 1 aromatic and medicinal plants cooperative
- 1 beekeeping cooperative
Part of the hiking price will go towards visits to the different cooperatives, we inform the tourists about the importance and socio-economic benefits of these cooperatives. They contribute to the development of a traditional heritage and the value of natural resources.
These visits encourage tourists to buy local products and so contribute to the argan tree economy and the development of cooperative projects (literacy classes, training.)
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