HIGHLIGHTS! A variety of landscapes including an Argan forest, a beautiful unspoilt beach and refreshing waterfalls.

Sidi M’bark Waterfalls
This half-day excursion takes us to Sidi Mbark, a small Berber village 35 km south of Essaouira. We walk to a little waterfall and visit the old Marabout close by (a residence for the spirit of a Saint or wise man). Here, the convergence of a large sand dune, a small river, and an imposing rock splendidly frames a lovely bay.

The stream brings some water (water level depends on season/rainfall) into this very dry region to irrigate local crops. The landscape offers a rich interplay between greens, blues and yellows. The Marabout gave its name to the village and speaks to former times as it sits on the rocks above.

We are invited to a local.s home for a Traditional Berber Tea Ceremony at the end of the walk.
Walking time is approx. 40 minutes to reach the Cascade and 30 minutes back, taking our time for several stops along the way.

If you have kids and not sure if they will make the entire walk, get the donkey to ease the strain!

You will most likely see the famous goats in trees on this tour while driving through the Argan zone south.