HIGHLIGHT ! Panoramic riverside Walk & tea atthe Hendrix Café in Diabat

Riverside Hike & Tea at the Jimi Hendrix Café in Diabat

We take a walk into nature just 5 minutes from town for a break from the bustling streets and shops of the medina.
The walk begins in the backyard of Diabat and takes us to the top of a hill with a beautiful panoramic view over Essaouira Bay, the city, and the Islands of Mogador.

We then take a shady break from the sun on the hill on our way to the riverside of “Oued Ksob”. The river‛s water level is normally low and flows through a peaceful canyon lined with Argan trees where the combination of water and hills is charming.
Passing through the dunes between the sea and Diabat Village, we then visit the ruins of the old Sultan‛s Palace of Sidi Ben Abdallah.
The walk ends with Moroccan pastries and mint tea at the Jimi Hendrix Café in Diabat.