HIGHLIGHT ! Discovering rural life and visit an Argan coopérative.

Wednesdays Berber market & Argan Cooperative
On Wednesdays in the village of Ida Ogourd locals do their weekly shopping and meet ¡®n. greet friends. This market is a friendly, family affair which takes place on a small hill .
Market-goers traditionally travel by donkey to get the goods they need for the forthcoming week : the "Donkey
Parking Lot" surrounding the market is a sight to behold!

At the market you find vegetables, fruits, spices, tools, as well as various services that are offered : a blacksmith putting new horseshoes onto donkeys‛ hooves; a cobbler resoling shoes ; amusing barber shops, indeed!
As we stroll through the market we pick up interesting details about farmers‛ lives in this region accompanied by background information on Berber culture in the Haha province.
We finish our tour of the market with tea as we observe the busy scenery.

Afterwards we visit an Argan cooperative to learn about the production of precious Argan Oil. We watch the Berber women at every step in extracting oil from the kernels of the Argan fruits using a delicate, traditional process done
by hand.
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