HIGHLIGHT ! Discover an Argan forest, enjoy the warm welcome of a Berber family and visit an argan cooperative.

Argan Forest
A large section of this walk takes you through an Argan forest. Argan trees are an endemic species only found in the south west of Morocco and a mythical emblem of the Essaouira region. This is a relatively easy walk suitable for people looking for a leisurely ramble.

Throughout the hike, the guide will give you useful insights into the ecology of these trees. You will thus be able to observe the different stages of a tree‛s life cycle until it reaches maturity; you will also learn about the many different products derived from the trees and their fruit as well as the beneficial impact on the local culture.

You will walk through a little village where there is a ‘Marabout‛ -or saint‛s temple- featuring elements dating back to the 16th century, and later you will be served tea at a Berber villager‛s and experience first-hand traditional Moroccan hospitality.
At the end of the walking tour, you will visit a women's cooperative where you will discover the secret of making the famous argan oil.

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