HIGHLIGHT! Fun activity for kids, and adults...A camel ride and walk between sea and forest !

Dromedary Hike
A fun ride on the back of a dromedary and on foot between the sea and the forest. This tour is suitable for everyone, families and adventurers.
We begin the day riding on the back of a dromedary up the wild north beach of Essaouira.

In the morning you will have the opportunity to chat with a local dromedary breeder and thus discover the life of this typical Moroccan animal.
Upon leaving the wild beach we enter the hilly dunes and take a path lined with acacias and junipers. Before
lunch we say goodbye to our dromedaries and picnic in the shade of the trees.
After lunch we hike back to town through the wild and dense vegetation of the dunes giving us a unique panoramic view of Essaouira.

Throughout the walk we have the opportunity to observe the flora and fauna of this special environment
although during the winter months it is common to come across land turtles.