HIGHLIGHTS : A variety of landscapes including an argan forest, a beach and waterfalls.

Cliffline& Cascade Hike
This excursion takes us to Sidi Mbark, a small Berber village just 35 km south of Essaouira. We walk along the amazing cliffline overlooking many beautiful bays below. We visit the cascade beside an old Marabout (residence for the spirit of a Saint/Wise Man). There, the convergence of a large sand dune, a small river, and an imposing rock splendidly frame the lovely bay. We discover pristine nature facing the Atlantic during the entire walk.

The hike now takes us southwards on winding paths through rolling hills. Along the way we encounter shepherds with their goats and sheep. The trek provides panoramic views of the coastline and we have the Atlantic Ocean on the horizon.
We hike down to the rocky beach coming upon stone houses used by fishermen to store their gear which they use to eke out their meager living from the sea. We find a lovely bay nearby for our vegetarian picnic lunch.