HIGHLIGHTS ! Visit its rural markets and discover the cookery secrets of Essaouria's region.

Take a traditional Berber Cooking Class
The cooking class is offered in the beautiful Haha-region 35 km south of Essaouira. This is the land of the Berbers, Morocco’s indigenous population. The Berbers of the Haha hills cultivate crops and keep animals, mainly goats and sheep.

We visit a local souk featuring freshly harvested fruit and vegetables, in addition to meat, eggs, honey. The class takes
place at an ecological farm.

Two lovely local women, show you how they roast barley grains on the fire, and then grind them in a stone mill to produce the flour and semolina used as the basis for traditional flat bread and couscous. We bake flat bread in a clay oven and steam couscous in a traditional clay pot. We learn to make a traditional tagine of vegetables and goat meat with Moroccan spices and olive oil.

Eating in beautiful, calm and natural surroundings is a special event. As we will be driving through the Argan zone, you have the option to visit an Argan oil cooperative and learn about the production ofthis beautiful oil.
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